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Appaloosa Qualities

The Appaloosa horse is hardy and sweet. They can be found in Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and other parts along the Pacific Ocean. Considered to be an animal with a real leopard spot on their coats, the Appaloosa horses are kind and very interesting creatures. They can be used for riding, on farms for ranching duties, and also for their performances inside rodeos as well.

Appaloosa Temperament

The temperament of the Appaloosa horse is that of simplicity. This horse breed is very calm and reliable. Appaloosa horses are the type of animal that is great for training while they are still young seeing as they can pick skills up easily and have very little challenges personality wise.

Appaloosa Appearance

The Appaloosa stands at around just over fourteen hands when fully grown. They have a sparse tail and mane alike and neck that is in good dimension with their body. They have a unique detail which is the ring just around their eye in most Appaloosa horses. Additionally, they bode long legs and striped hooves. Another interesting fact regarding their appearance is that they have coats that can be in any color, but they typically have a spotted look to them. Experts say that this breed has thirteen different base colors, but they are almost always spotted in some fashion.

Appaloosa Upkeep

Taking care of a horse is easy when they allow you and do not have many challenges when they are young. The Appaloosa horse is exactly that type of animal. They are simple to raise and happy to please. An eager horse is a good one to care for over the years and this type can be trained to complete just about any task on hand from working to riding to being a show or competitive horse.

Appaloosa History

The Appaloosa horse comes from the United States of America. They specifically come from Idaho, where the Native Americans thought so fondly of them. They are believed to be one of the initial breeds that was involved in selective breeding. These breeders would geld off the ones that were not as superior as the others and make them a more refined breed. The horses went through a series of various names, beginning with the 'Palousey Horses', which was a name given to them for being located on the Palouse River, the waterway that runs from a part of Washington all the way to a part of Idaho. They then went on to be named 'Apalousey', which was then turned into their name now, Appaloosa, in 1937. The group of the Nez Perez people remained positive but were on the brink of losing virtually all of their horses by the time the war evolved with the American government. Horses were captured, some in the total amount of the thousands, during this war. Only the fittest could survive such dreadful conditions and those horses were the ones that went on to be purchased by the local farm owners in which they carried on the breeding very successfully for many years to come.

Appaloosa Photos

                  Appaloosa galloping

                  Appaloosa running

                  Appaloosa stallion

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