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Australian Stock Horse Information

Australian Stock Horse

Australian Stock Horse

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Australian Stock Horse Qualities

The Australian Stock Horse is one that bodes many strengths. To begin with, they are notoriously strong and have an excellent work ethic. Bred for their hardiness, the Aussie styled horse is quite an asset for those residing on farmland or for anyone that would enjoy racing alike.

Australian Stock Horse Temperament

The temperament of a horse can be very telling. It can notify the owner of what additional skills they may need to acquire and also alert them if that particular type of breed needs to steer clear of little ones and not be used as learning horses for riding. This Australian Stock Horse breed is not one of those breeds as they can easily get along with other animals and horses, as well as children. They are trained to be very wise horses and thought to be rather smart.

Australian Stock Horse Appearance

The Australian Stock Horse stands at around sixteen hands in full grown adult size. They are remarkable creatures that can be known as intelligent and incredibly strong. They also bode attractive heads, sloping shoulders, long and slim looking feet, a very adapt back, and shoulders to be used for working long days for the settlers. Additionally, they have clean legs with well made feet.

Australian Stock Horse Upkeep

Taking care of a horse, any type of horse can be a lot of work. The Australian Stock Horse is one that does have the ability to work long days and not be very needy toward their owners. They are trainable and sweet and can go off on their own for hours without any supervision. They have no reported major illnesses and can reside in virtually any climate range.

Australian Stock Horse History

Obviously, the Australian Stock Horse has derived from Australia, around sometime during the last seventeenth century. They have been known to be a combination of English Thoroughbred styles along with a Spanish version to create this magical and beautiful animal. Experts agree that they are extremely rough and made it through the new colony voyages with very little ease. They arrived in Australia and once again their toughness was questioned. There they had to transpire into a totally new breed of horses that could be worked diligently by the settlers and also live in some not so nice environments as well. As time progressed, they began breeding these animals with Welsh and Quarter horses to make a smaller version of what they initially once were. This new style became well known as the "Australian Stock Horse that was good for every need."

Australian Stock Horse Photos

                  Australian Stock Horse trotting

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