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Avelignese Qualities

The Avelignese breed is a heavier one that is well known throughout Italy. Beautiful and hardy enough to handle most any challenge, they are one of the few breeds of horses that are referred to as surefooted styles. These surefooted horses are a breed that can endure traveling through the desert and in extreme temperatures without any issues. They can be utilized for equestrian vaulting and also for therapeutic riding purposes as well. They have been bred with a unique format so that you know which horse came from where. For example, if the horse is from Austria, they will bode a brand that is just the letter “H”, whereas the ones from Italy will bode an “HI”.

Avelignese Temperament

The Avelignese is a calm breed. Calm enough to be utilized as a riding horse for little ones, they are rather gentle and kind animals. Once described as unflappable, the horses are strong and durable as well as placid.

Avelignese Appearance

Avelignese horses stand around fourteen hands in adult full grown size. They are animals with small heads, lots of muscles, and are considered rather strong creatures. Excellent quarters built for strength, strong feet, a thick neck, and a spacious chest for their hearts. These horses are commonly noted for their beauty. They have a long tail and usually a wavy mane that makes them so easily recognizable. These horse are graded by certain requirements such as temperament, color, bone, and action.

Avelignese Upkeep

Upkeep of an Avelignese horse is rather basic. They do not require special needs care at any level, they are generally easy going creatures, and they can be simple to care for. They are very responsible animals and can be trusted around children. Most do not have any reported major health issues.

Avelignese History

The Avelignese horse breed derived from Italy. Considered to be their style of the Haflinger horse, they are slightly taller in size and than that Austrian format. Without question they certainly have a similar look. They both have an identical coat color and one is a tad heavier than the other. Bred all over the world, but most commonly in Tuscany, middle Italy, and Emilia as they are the most popular breed of horses in Italy. They are what is referred to as a cold blooded breed of horses and share many characteristics with other cold blooded breeds. They are well known for their many uses as riding animals and bode great self control. They can be spotted in Venice, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Hafling, and all around the Adriatic Sea. The World Haflinger Federation was founded and hosts over twenty registries and the guidelines needed for their members. Great for use on a farm or with any family and, with such striking markings, they are sure to warm your heart.

Avelignese Photos

                  Avelignese foal and mare

                  Avelignese galloping

                  Avelignese stallion

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