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Azteca Qualities

The Azteca horses were used for several needs in the late nineteen hundreds. Inside Mexico, one could see them being used for general riding duties as well as bullfighting, and also in the competition circuit. The horses are considered to be easy to teach new skills to and are rather sporty. This animals can be found in and all over Mexico, along with the southern areas of the United States. They do incredibly well in all facets of competitions, even those such as dressage, jumping, and sports. Their pathology is that of many styles, making it very complex when it is time to register additions. They must complete several tests and ensure that they have not been bred with more than one of any bloodline.

Azteca Temperament

The temperament of the Azteca horse is that of tenderness. Most horses are gentle but can have a wild side to them. This one specifically is not one of those breeds as they generally have a willingness to learn and can be easily trained with their immense intelligence.

Azteca Appearance

The look of the Azteca horse is that of beauty and grace. They usually stand at around fifteen hands in full grown size, but are described to be notably strong. This breed is said to have big, animated eyes. They bode a very good amount of muscle and have strong legs. This animal was made for athletics since they are very agile and built for speed.

Azteca Upkeep

Taking care of an Azteca horse is rather routine. They are sweet in mind and soul and can tend to look after themselves. This breed can reside in a very warm climate oe even a colder one. Generally utilized for their inner strength and courage, you can use them for fighting bulls as well as teaching the smallest of little ones how to ride.

Azteca History

The Azteca horse breed derives from Mexico. In fact, they are recognized as the national horse of Mexico. This particular breed of horses has not been around for several decades or even centuries like some other horses have been. Instead, this is a newer form of animal that has come into the world in the seventies. While they have been named as the nation’s horse, there truly was no one specific type to replace at that current time. The other breed that even came close to this type of status in popularity with the Mexican people is that named “Criollo”. If the Mexican people required any need for horses during the nineteen hundreds, they called upon their friends that lived in South American instead of having a breed all of their own. At that time, there were hundreds of cowboys who were referred to as churros that had a strong desire to obtain horses that they could use for speed and even to fight bulls, a pastime which the Mexican people are so fond of.

Azteca Photos

                  Azteca colt

                  Azteca galloping

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