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Banker Horse Information

Banker Horse

Banker Horse

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Banker Horse Qualities

The Banker Horse is commonly found on beaches and is a very easy animal to maintain. They can be used as working horses and many are utilized as patrol horses for police work. For the most part, the Banker Horse is primarily used for riding. They are still considered wild horses, but some experts have changed that to feral horses. Most Banker Horses are commonly used for riding women and children for their size and patient demeanor.

Banker Horse Temperament

The Banker Horse is a lovely creature that has a very calm temperament. They are simple to raise and enjoy companionship. Some have mentioned in the past that the Banker Horse has the ability to destroy gardens and plants of all sorts. While that may be true, just about any horse can easily walk over any garden and stomp on plants, so it is only mentioned for Banker Horses as they typically reside close to the beach and some owners may be bothered by this behavior. The breed does not run into any trouble with this problem as many consider them to be a rather important part of history.

Banker Horse Appearance

A smaller horse, measuring at around thirteen to fourteen hands and weighing around eight hundred pounds to one ton, the Banker Horse is relatively tough for its size. They bode a narrow chest and have a convex profile. They generally do not have any chestnuts on the hinds and their coats can be in virtually any color. They also have many characteristics of most of the other Spanish horse breeds.

Banker Horse Upkeep

Caring for your Banker Horse is easier than some other breeds. They can roam freely for most of the day with little supervision. They are calm creatures, so calm in fact that they can be used for children when it's time for them to learn how to ride. This breed is notorious for tending to themselves as they can find their own water and survive some of the most torturous weather conditions without worry. Many years ago, civilians depended on these animals for survival. They do not bode many illnesses and are generally very healthy horses.

Banker Horse History

The Banker Horse poses a challenge when seeking their original artifacts. Some experts believe they were derived in the 1600’s somewhere on the Barrier Islands, but of course there are still other theories. The Bankers are carefully watched for fear of overpopulation by the National Park Service. They are also being heavily guarded from any danger as they once were involved in an incident along the North Carolina Highway 12. Some Banker Horses were injured, others were killed in the tragedy. Routing back to their Spanish decent, the Bankers are still being used in some places to carry stock. Most of the documentation to help support their history claims that they were colonized by the English in the fifteenth century. By the seventeenth century the Banker breed was commonly found on the Outer Banks.

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