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Barb Qualities

The Barb horses are hardy and rather quick to run. They were bred in North Africa and have been treasured ever since. These horses have been spotted in Morocco, Algeria, Libya, and Egypt. Generally used for breeding purposes and naturally for riding as well since they have a large following. Considered to be a hardy horse with many breeding variances, the Barb can also commonly be noticed as the popular breed Spanish Barb.

Barb Temperament

As far as temperaments are concerned, the Barbs can be considered very wise. So wise in fact that at times they have a temper to match. They are not dangerous in any way, but they can have a fiery temper and also be rather intelligent. Barbs are pretty and great riding horses, which also solidifies that they do not need guidance concerning their tempers; they just may have an occasional issue while they are young and going through the training years.

Barb Appearance

The Barb horses stand at around fifteen hands in height as full grown horses and are bred in chestnut, gray, black, and bay colors. Their build is long and they bode a fine head not with the usual convex profile, but a straight one. Larger shoulders help aid these creatures to move quickly and maintain their durability. They have an arched neck with a low set tail. Often, you may notice that their legs are set close, but not in all of the horses like this.

Barb Upkeep

Tending to your Barb horse is simple. They can survive in very high heat, as well as the frosty climates. These horses have lots of energy, so ensuring they will have plenty of roaming room is essential. They do not bode any common illnesses, so that's one less concern about raising them.

Barb History

Deriving from North Africa, the Barb horse breed has a reputation for being somehow related to the Arab breed, and while that has not been completely confirmed just yet, they do share many similarities. Some researchers also believe they could be of relation to the Akhal-Teke breed as well. These creatures are a part of the original foundation sires, some are Thoroughbred, some are Godolphin Arabian, and some were this particular Barb breed. The Berbers of North Africa have been worshiping the Barb horses for their exceptional agility and quick pace. They were once considered great war horses and did so much for additional breeds to follow. They are much larger in size and height than the Arab horses and you may seem other similarities in the Barb that you can also spot in the breeds such as Andalusian and Lusitano. They are noble looking animals and have been influential with the American Mustangs for their white coats.

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