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Boer Pony Information


Boer Pony

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Boer Pony Qualities

The qualities of the Boer Pony go on and on. A tough horse that can still remain their cool and be kind enough to allow for kids to ride, they are hardy, enduring, and have been used for harness work, endurance, and for riding people of all ages and sizes. They can found residing in Johannesburg, Swaz, Lesotho, and Cape Town.

Boer Pony Temperament

The Boer Pony is respected but still extremely sweet. They are kind to all and gentle enough to have around little ones. Biddable and eager to please their owners, the breed is used for working for this exact reason. They are quick learners and considered to be very tough.

Boer Pony Appearance

The Boer Pony stands at around fifteen hands in full grown size. They are generally bred in any color, typically one solid color rather than mixtures or patterns. A fit and lean breed with good shoulders and hard feet, they also have great joints and a shorter back, which aids their strength and ability to carry passengers for hours on end without struggling.

Boer Pony Upkeep

Caring on a daily basis for any horse can be a lot of work. Luckily enough, the Boer Pony is one style that requires virtually nothing. This style of horse can easily live on their own should they ever have to as they can get their own food and travel for miles without any issues, even in dangerous temperatures. They are good tempered animals and are considered very agile and intelligent creatures.

Boer Pony History

The Boer Pony comes from South Africa where they resided on the Cape Provinces for many years. Considered to be an amazing creature with a keen hunting ability as well as the ability to notify their owners of any trouble, such as spotting out a gunman nearby so that the owner could react quickly. They are result of a typical African breed that bodes surefootedness and are rather hardy as well. They eagerly carry men all day long while being used as a work horse and then find themselves their very own meals on the grounds. Rooting for this breed comes from the Cape Horse and the Basuto Pony combined. They have been called other names then the Boer Pony such as, “the farmer’s horse” and “Boerperd”. Oddly enough, even though this breed is a very worthy one that had many uses, they were almost extinct during the late eighteen hundreds. This occurred not as a result of a decrease in breeding, but as a result of a strange horse illness that swept the towns.

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