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Breton Qualities

The Breton horses come from France but can be seen along the British side of the English Channel and most often in the land of Rennes. Their primary use is for light or heavy drafting. They are sweet, easy to maintain, and full of energy. This style can be extremely handy on farmlands and very loyal creatures to their owners as well.

Breton Temperament

The Breton horse temperament is that of calmness and being willing to command to their owners. Generally, they do great with children and as working career animals as well. Eager to learn, they tend to develop rather quickly also.

Breton Appearance

The Breton horse stands at around sixteen hands in full grown size as adults. They can be bred in chestnut, bay, roan, gray, and have details such as a flaxen mane. Their heads are short and neat looking with a sloping croup and hard feet. They also bode muscular shoulders and have a wide and short back ideal for pulling and carrying heavy loads for their owners.

Breton Upkeep

Taking care of the Breton horse breed is not very complex. In fact, they are a simple horse to tend to that can gather their own food items when needed and even find shelter when need be. No major health issues have been reported on this breed and they are relatively inexpensive to maintain as well. This breed can reside in any climate, warm or cold.

Breton History

The Breton breed was founded in France. There they were one of the first types of horses considered to be mountain animals. Some styles that may have come before them were the Brittany or Aryans styles as many of said styles crossing from Celtic areas and from Asia were very popular. Their gait was what had made them so hyped up. They were given the name “Bidet d’Allure” or often the Bidet Breton. Once the Middle Ages rolled around, the horses were bred into two various breeds. One was considered a heavier style noted as the Sommier, and the other was the Rossier, which was a lighter horse style created just for the primary use of riding. During the nineteen hundreds, the breeders began to make ones that were bigger, stronger, and utilized as work horses. They were created by including the blood lines of the Boulonnais and Percheron styles. They can be seen doing draft work and pulling plows. They went on to be crossed with the Norfolk Trotter lines, which in turn created the Postier horse. There are currently still two various styles of the Breton horses called the Heavy Draft and the smaller version, the Postier.

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