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Campolina Qualities

The Campolina horse comes from Brazil where they are utilized for riding and harness work. They are known for their gaits, their agile personalities, and their sweet temperaments. This breed can be found in Goias, Brasilia, Sao Paulo, Parana, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, and Bahia. Their pathology tells the history that this breed has excellent feet and can endure lots of travel on rough terrains for many miles. As far as searching for one style of horse that can be gentle, sweet, eager, and a showman, you need look no further than the Campolina.

Campolina Temperament

The temperament of a Campolina horse is described as a very wise animal and one that is also quite kind at heart as well. They can be around other animals with ease and are also rather simple to train when they are young.

Campolina Appearance

The Campolina bodes a height of around sixteen hands in full grown size. They can be bred in all colors, but are commonly found in solids. Well known for their hard feet and ability to keep up the pace all day long without any injuries. They have a low set tail, sloping shoulders, and lots of muscles. Their compact body frame allows for many purposes, such as riding for hours even on mountainous terrains.

Campolina Upkeep

Taking care of a Campolina horse is not as challenging as one may anticipate. This animal is easy to get along with and can survive in virtually any climate. They bode sweet personalities and a higher level of intelligence to make it even easier to care for them. No major health illnesses have been noted for this breed.

Campolina History

The Campolina breed is a Brazilian one that began with a single black mare. The matriarch of the Campolina breed was named Medeia, who was founded by Antonio de Silva Campolina. This began during the middle of the eighteen hundreds when they discovered the breed’s first sire, one called Monarca, who was the son of Medeia. Monarca was the product of breeding Medeia with another horse that was all Andalusian blood. They were seeking to establish a breed that was attractive, smooth, and boded an excellent gait. To obtain all of these qualities, they utilized the classic traits of the Clydesdale horses, some Holstein ones, Yankee Price styles, a Saddlebred, and a Marchador. This wide variety of horses allotted for the Campolina style to bode a very unique gait, referred to as the Marcha Verdedair, which is defined as a true march that can reach a speed of eight miles per hour. This style of horse has been given their famous gait from the Mangalarga Marchador breed, which are also very witty and charming.

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