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Carolina Marsh Tacky Information

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Carolina Marsh Tacky

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Carolina Marsh Tacky Qualities

The Carolina Marsh Tacky breed is a working horse. They have an uncanny ability to work inside water and even deep, swampy conditions along the shoreline. Smaller in size than some other breeds, they are ideal for carrying around children and women and also for riding practices as well. They are generally put to work on farmlands to herd cattle.

Carolina Marsh Tacky Temperament

The Carolina Marsh Tacky is a very smart breed. They are easy to care for and have an even temperament. Not fond of panicking, the horse is thoughtful and quick to respond as a much older horse would act given their kind spirits. They are not fearful animals, so in the event of a situation they can defend themselves with ease.

Carolina Marsh Tacky Appearance

This particular horse type ranges in size from thirteen to fifteen hands in measurement. Their coats can come in various colors, from shades of dun to browns to blacks. Some bode patterns on them as well. Typically, they have been derived from the Florida Cracker and Banker horse breeds, but experts have recently claimed they are in fact their own breed through various forms of DNA genetic testing. With their convex heads and necks that are situated much lower on the body than other horses, they can easily be picked out in a lineup.

Carolina Marsh Tacky Upkeep

The Carolina Marsh Tacky is a very resourceful breed of horse. They can easily go on long trails and through the water effortlessly. As a very surefooted animal, they do not require much maintenance and can care for themselves with ease. This breed does not have any prevalent health issues to date and can survive in the water for quite some time. They are easy to train and can fit into a working job on a farm herding cattle or plowing.

Carolina Marsh Tacky History

This breed goes back hundreds of years. Coming from a Spanish breed of horses, the Carolina Marsh Tacky breed has more recently been a part of the culture in South Carolina. Spanish explorers brought theses animals over the eastern shoreline many centuries ago, as far dating as the sixteen hundreds. Even utilized during the American Revolution, and for workers on farmlands, they are very hard working creatures. They have recently been under watch for endangerment with only a few hundred of them presently existing. Associations and many studies have been conducted to enrich the future as well as preserve the past of these fine animals. The name "Tacky" is derived from the English word for "cheap" or "common." Most were used as pack animals for the Native American trade routes of the Chickasaw, Creek, and Southeastern Choctaw.

Carolina Marsh Tacky Photos

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