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Cerbat Qualities

The Cerbat horse is beautiful and strong and can be utilized for riding or as an event horse in competitions. They have excellent endurance and are very strong. They are smaller in size than some breeds, but still remain durable and willing to please. One unique quality about this breed is that they can easily reproduce at very late ages. The Cerbat mares can still reproduce well into their twenties, which is a great strength considering some horse breeds only live up until they are twenty. The majority of these types of Spanish horses bode a vertebrae with five lumbar, which is another of their unusual traits.

Cerbat Temperament

The Cerbat breed is rugged, but still not typically used for Calgary purposes. They are rather calm considering what types of conditions that have previously resided in. Storms and other various types of poor weather, as well as trotting on boulders and rough brush for long periods of time, are just some of the things this horse can withstand as a result of their tough exterior persona.

Cerbat Appearance

Cerbat horses are not available in various coat colors, so most are bred with a chestnut or bay shade. Over half of those are roans, and they also bode smaller ears. Having higher set eyes than most other forms of horses, they also possess short backs. Experts believe they have such great legs from running around the mountains so long, hence why they are extremely strong animals.

Cerbat Upkeep

Caring for your Cerbat horse is not very difficult. These are very well trained animals from birth and can survive basically on their own in the wild on the mountains. If you consider using your Cerbat horse for any event competitions, they will need additional care and training. These animals can live virtually anywhere as their endurance, combined with their tolerance for extreme conditions, continues to prevail, making them an excellent addition to any climate.

Cerbat History

Cerbat horses are a part of history, much like the rest of the Spanish routed variations. They have been commonly referred to as Spanish Mustangs and are considered rather unique animals. North Americans have continued to develop this particular breed for their athletic strengths and their aesthetic beauty. These horses are not rumored to be of Spanish decent but are truly Spanish as they migrated to the United States with the Conquistadors. Some experts believe these horses were routed in the southern lands of Spain and some even speculate the possibility of Africa playing a role in their history. They were special because they were thought to be a vital piece of culture as they derived during the Golden Age of Spain. They successfully survived a time period where they were under threat of extinction, a sentence they have currently sidestepped. As their popularity continues to grow even now, they will flourish in reproduction since they're such great horses to own.

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