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Chincoteague Qualities

The Chincoteague horse breed came from the Eastern coast of the United States where they remain popular and a staple of the beaches and land in these areas today. They are well known for their hardiness and willing to succeed. Additionally, they can be utilized for riding and also harness work with their ability to carry long distances. They can also be found in parts of Delaware and Washington D. C.

Chincoteague Temperament

The Chincoteague horse is sweet and calm. They are also considered kind and very wise. This cool and collective temperament of theirs is why they are such an excellent choice for riding and especially with little ones as they are not very tall and can be easily manipulated when riding.

Chincoteague Appearance

Standing at around twelve hands in full grown adult size, the Chincoteague horse is not the largest breed but they are very popular. They can be bred in all sorts of colors and are considered an attractive animal. They have beautiful heads and a short back, along with a very thick mane and tail alike. Although most horses have incredibly strong legs, this particular one does not. They do however have a stocky build and are great for riding.

Chincoteague Upkeep

The upkeep for the Chincoteague horse is minimal at best. This type of horse is extremely simple to tend to as they can spend most of their lives roaming around without any help from their owners. They have the keen ability to obtain all of their needs and supplies on their own, for the most part. Additionally, they can reside in very warm areas, as well as very cold climates.

Chincoteague History

The Chincoteague horse was derived in the United States of America, specifically located in Virginia and Maryland. It is an interesting breed as many researchers have claimed they have the whereabouts of these horses and their creation, but then some said it is simply too challenging to place exact facts for their origin. Some have theories that they were created by the era of shipwrecks and had many horses swimming about as a result of the shipping issue. They were featured in the story of Misty of Chincoteague. At that time the horses were split into two different groups or herds. They were separated as one in the Maryland part of the island and the others to land at the Virginia section. Annually, during the warmer season these horse are collected and taken across the water to be included in a large group of all of the Chincoteague breeds that are put on display for all the residents to view. They can also be auctioned off as well at this time if there are enough buyers on hand. This breed has a remarkable ability to continue on for weeks without any supplies. They are an extremely resilient breed and are well known for it.

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