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Dales Qualities

The Dales horses can be seen being used for riding purposes for little ones to adults and for harness work as well. They were involved in trotter races around the globe and can currently be found mostly in Europe. They can be seen in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. They are considered surefooted and very powerful. The Dales are beautiful creatures with a gentle side to them for being categorized as such a strong and useful breed of animals. They received their name by the famous Yorkshire Dales, and from neighboring the Cumbria areas.

Dales Temperament

The Dales horses bode a very kind and giving temperament. They are extremely wise and have a strong ability to think on their own. This breed has the ability to withstand lots of training and can easily fit into any family.

Dales Appearance

The Dales horses are a smaller style, coming in at around fourteen hands in full grown size. They are bred in blacks, brown, gray, roan, and bay colors. Their heads are described as neat and not boding any dishing effects. The breed has sloping shoulders and hard feet as well. They are well known for having a shiny coat and a long and flowing tail. With quarters that are long and strong, they can be used for any type of pulling exercise with very little effort.

Dales Upkeep

The upkeep of a Dales horse is virtually simplistic. These creatures can survive in any climate range, and even thrive in colder areas. As far as animals are concerned, they can get through many miles of riding or carrying before needing any breaks or even water.

Dales History

The Dales family of horses come from a northern area of England, the Pennines to be exact. They are a style derived from the Dales Pony of England, which is a complete pathology to a European background. They are notably strong and bode great endurance along with a kind heart. Experts believe they have become a breed from the Pennine Pony styles, which would be later cross bred with the Friesian styles soon after their initial creation. The Scottish people then had their own take on the breed, making them a cross breed variation with the Scottish Galloway variation. This newly designed horse breed increased the speed and made it an all around better athlete. They continued on to be bred with many other styles as well, such as the Clydesdale, Yorkshire styles, Norfolk Terrier, and the Welsh Cob stallions. The Dales horses were created to be a pack horse and are useful for carrying those heavy loads that the farmers and workers did not want to bare. Currently, they are utilized as a form of horse used by little ones for riding lessons and have a distinct attractiveness.

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