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Dartmoor Information

Dartmoor pony


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Dartmoor Qualities

The Dartmoor horse is described as being very wise and very playful. They bode an even temperament and can be known as being rather sweet, making them ideal for working alongside children of all ages. This breed is utilized for riding and harness work alike. They can commonly be found in Scotland, United Kingdom, Wales, and Ireland. They also have strict requirements for breeding, such as no piebalds or skewbalds.

Dartmoor Temperament

Dartmoor horses are always described as having a very empathetic persona and can be gentle enough to work alongside the most timid of children. They can withstand residing in any climate range and are very kind to all. This breed is a great choice for those seeking a horse that can be left unattended on a farm and does great around other smaller animals.

Dartmoor Appearance

The Dartmoor horses stand at around twelve hands when fully grown. They are generally bred in bay, brown, black, gray, roan, and chestnut colors. This animal bodes a smaller head, along with big eyes and an abundance of room inside the chest cavity for their hearts. They also have a very strong back and powerful legs as well. Sloping shoulders set off this unique creature and allow them to run and remain as active as they wish.

Dartmoor Upkeep

Caring for a Dartmoor horse is rather easy. They do not require much in the form of constant attention and can be very reliable animals. This style of horse can travel long distances without any problems and they also do not have any major health issues reported thus far. The crossbreeding that escalated from the earlier nineteenth century has resulted in the Dartmoor horses becoming rather strong, attractive, and excellent companions.

Dartmoor History

The Dartmoor horse came from the southwest areas of England. They were given their name from the exact area in England where they were created, that of Dartmoor. This area is known for its mountainous spaces and miles of grass to graze on all day. They are a small horse, one that is even considered a pony variation. Experts have stated they believe this breed has been around since the Middle Ages. They have recordings of this horse being inside a will of someone named Saxon Bishop, who passed away in 1012. During these times, a trade called tin mining was the most popular, and it was at these times that the Dartmoor horses were utilized as pack ponies. Once that era was decreasing in productivity, the Dartmoors were not needed as much seeing as the mines were starting to all close down. Over the last decade, they have begun to make a comeback in creation and popularity. They are noted as being friendly and excellent around little ones.

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