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Don Qualities

The Don horses are used for riding and harness work in most cases. They can be very good in a competitive format as well. Most can be trained with ease and they are also very fast learners. They can be found in the areas of Ukraine, Vonoronezh, and all around the Russian Federation. They are famous in the world of horse breeds for their many purposes in the military.

Don Temperament

The Don horses bode a temperament that is calm and very giving. They are good listeners and have the ability to be well maintained on their own. This type can be taught how to roam freely on their own and how to fend for food all by themselves as well.

Don Appearance

The appearance of the Don breed is that of a pretty-yet-tough horse. They generally stand at around sixteen hands at full grown size. They have a fine head, a muscular frame, and very good bones. They are bred in bay, chestnut, and gray shades. Additionally, they have rather hard hooves to aid in getting them through rough terrain most commonly found in farm land in Russia.

Don Upkeep

The Don horses are simple to care for. They are independent and reliable creatures. Very enduring and quite hardy, it makes them a breeze for farm owners that want to go about their days and not have to constantly maintain their horses. Additionally, they can survive in any climate zone, from below freezing temperatures to very warm places.

Don History

The Don horse breed comes from Russia. They are the spawn of one of the most famous horse styles to come from the early eighteen hundreds, the Cossacks, well known Russian warhorses that were built and bred for being strong, tempered, and very good during a battle. The Don, however, was originally designed to be a smaller horse, but as time progressed they were made much larger. In fact, they were given blood lines from Arab styles as well as Karabakh versions to make a larger, more impacted horse. Still to date, they are recognized as one of the most frequently bred horses out there. Well known for being resilient and able to take care of themselves, as well as being a horse that enjoys roaming in groups on other horses or animals, the Don makes for a great option when selecting a horse. Quickly, they became recognized as one of the most chosen breeds in the Russian military. During the First World War and the Civil War, this breed was almost made extinct. However, they were saved by a Russian government affiliated system that saved their creation.

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