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Finnish Universal Information

Finnish Universal

Finnish Universal

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Finnish Universal Qualities

The Finnish Universal horses are from Finland where they are used for harness work, for riding, and for agricultural purposes alike. Considered to be very kind, willing, eager, and docile creatures, they can currently be found in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark. The horses are treasured in the native areas of Finland, as they should be. The breed was very popular during its prime and made the whole area very well known for its exceptional horse breeding.

Finnish Universal Temperament

The Finnish Universal horses are sweet and easy going. It was quite important to the people of Finland to breed a horse with this type of temperament so that they would be extremely easy to ride and great with little ones.

Finnish Universal Appearance

The Finnish Universal horse stands around fifteen hands at full grown adult size. They have a well shaped head, a powerful neck, strong shoulders, quarters that are filled with muscles, clean and lean legs, and very little feather. The breed also has a very long stride and a long body that looks very graceful when they are trotting.

Finnish Universal Upkeep

The care on a daily basis of the Finnish Universal style of horses is simple. They are well bred with an eagerness to please in their blood. The breed has no major health issues reported and they can also reside in virtually temperature climate.

Finnish Universal History

The Finnish Universal horses originated from Finland and were the only ones to be known as Finland’s native breed. They were noted as very useful horses, ones that could be used for the purposes of harness work, riding, and agriculture alike. The Finnish Universal were a very celebrated version that can be draft horses or trotters. The Finn people are rather proud of this breed as the horses have been given the reputation as being some of the fastest and most cold blooded in all of horse history. During the Bronze Age there were definitely horses roaming around, but it has been rumored this was one of those styles. The local army utilized the breed over and over again on various tasks and missions. Once the studbook was created in 1907, they were outlawed to perform anymore out crossing. That studbook went on to be divided into a few sections, one for riding, one for trotting, one for drafting, and one for ponies. The popular Finland horse has been given worldwide praise since their creation.

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