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Florida Cracker Information

Florida Cracker

Florida Cracker

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Florida Cracker Qualities

The Florida Cracker is used for many purposes. They are an excellent choice for riding for children, as well as adults of all ages and sizes. Additionally, they can be utilized for ranching duties and in fact, most would say the main reason this breed became so popular so quickly is due to their ability to work on farm for years and provide so many overworked farmers a break on the heavy pulling and plowing. While they are famous for residing in the state of Florida, they can also be found living in Georgia and Alabama as well.

Florida Cracker Temperament

A horse can either go two ways with their personalities: those classified as a very busy or rough mannered horse, or those that are extremely calm and relaxed. The Florida Cracker is one of the very few that can be put into the gray category. They are sweet but also frisky when they want to be. They are very bright and full of spirit.

Florida Cracker Appearance

The Florida Cracker is a horse that stands at around fourteen hands when full grown. They are quite good looking and strong willed at the same time. A concave profile, sloping shoulders, and body full of muscles are just some of the reasons these horses do so well riding for miles a day. They bode a gait that is described as single footed referred to as the “coon rack”. Pronounced withers and a narrow chest are two other traits this breed bodes to make them different from the others.

Florida Cracker Upkeep

When taking mental notes of how to care for a horse, this breed does make life easier. Mostly due to their strong, ranching upbringing, they are easy to care for and can generally tend to themselves for long periods of time.

Florida Cracker History

Florida Crackers originate from The United States of America. They can generally be claimed as coming from the state of Florida, hence the name. A popular favorite for all western men and cowboys that engaged in whip cracking in those times, they survived several name changes such as Chicksaw Pony, Seminole Pony, March Tackle, Grass Cut, Prairie Pony, and the ever popular Florida Cow Pony. After many changes and identity turns, they decided to go with Florida Cracker. These creatures, believe it or not, are sired from Spanish roots. Known for being attractive and very smart, the Florida Cracker is a very well loved animal. Some experts believe they were brought over from Cuba, which would certainly account for their smaller size and big persona styles. They, like some other famous southern breeds, have an unusual gait that comes all naturally to the Florida horse. They did very well over the years, but did suffer from a decrease in popularity when the Quarter Horse came about, though in some areas they did replace the state Spanish styled animal. Some farmers from that era decided to change the way this downward spiral was headed by using the docile creatures to help work on their ranches, which instantly increased their breeding population.

Florida Cracker Photos

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