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Friesian Qualities

Friesian horses are some of the most hardy styles ever to come out The Netherlands. They are noble and noted as commendable horses. They have been used to create other breeds such as the Fell and Dales styles, some in the Northern parts of England, and others that would be known as the Old Black Midland Horse and the Dole of Norway as well. These creatures are full of life and have a humanly spirit about them. In the United Kingdom they can also be referred to as the 'Belgian Black' horses and can reach a measurement of seventeen hands. Recently, experts have noted while they once were considered an extinct animal, they are currently growing in population and used for a new purpose: dressage.

Friesian Temperament

The Friesian horses are docile creatures. Commendable animals with a very gentle and kind spirit to them, theses horses are powerful and sweet. They can be used for riding and also for work purposes, which is one clear indication that this breed can be very conforming.

Friesian Appearance

The most common and noted feature about the Friesian breed is their signature black coats. Standing at around fifteen hands when fully grown, they are known for their strength considering their size, even if they are not the largest breed. They have a noble looking head with either a straight or convex profile. They also have short legs, a short body frame, and hard feet. They have what is considered an impressive top line and a long, smooth tail.

Friesian Upkeep

Quite possibly one the Friesian horse breed's best qualities is that they are relatively inexpensive to raise. They have many uses and can survive in any climate. Most horses coming from Germany and The Netherlands are notoriously known for their strength and their ability to be easily trained, qualities the Friesian breed can confirm.

Friesian History

The Friesian horse breed is a unique one that has originated from The Netherlands. When you glance back into history many centuries ago, there was one significant piece of history that always remain true, even in children's stories. That piece is horses, generally black stallions, that would bravely transport knights in and out of wars and other such battle situations. These horses were almost always always Friesians. They were always chosen by kings for their noble styling, their strength, and their brave appearance. Always bred in black, they were an attractive choice and extremely strong animals, perfect for combat. Their history is thought of as coming from the Forest Horse breed, inside the are of Friesian. They were later bred with additional Iberian blood lines to create a more distinct breed. This cross breeding became popular in the fifteen to mid sixteen hundreds. As they grew in demand, they could be seen in Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Amsterdam, Groningen, and all along the North Sea.

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