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horse gallopingRecently I have started watching Sky Atlantic’s hit new show Luck, a show depicting the ‘dark side of horse racing’. The effort that goes into training a horse is only have the battle; the horse, under pressure and stress, exerts all its power into pure force and push themselves to their maximum level of speed. They have to be taken care of to go as fast as they are. They have to be fed nutritional food, groomed nicely for a show, and of course, reach the peak of their psychical fitness and health, and make sure nothing is wearing them down. These responsibilities of course fall under the trainer.

Horses are magnificent creatures, and like humans, require vast amounts of nutrition to keep their psychical performance at the high level required for them run around a track or jump a hurdle. Today horse can be fed a wide variety of healthy foods and supplements to make sure they get everything they need. Hilton Herbs Thrive and Shine is one such feeding product, which helps maintain your horses fitness and health. A good supplement for vitamins and minerals is Clop, which contains just about everything your horse needs to reach its health peak.

A horse obviously needs to be one hundred per cent healthy for a race or show, so any minor, inconvenient but sometimes dangerous illness is going to damage its health, fitness and performance. One nasty little ailment that can get your horse down are worms. Thankfully there is a modern day solution for these parasites - horse wormers. There are plenty of great products available but a recommended brand would have to Equest. This is particularly effective for adult horses.

With a healthy horse ready for a race they still need to be properly groomed-appearance is just as important as performance. Great products are available from a range of horse clippers like Wahl Moser Avalon Clippers to strong effective shampoo for their head and tail hair such as Alvahorse Alvadazzle.

With your horse healthy, fit and looking fine he’ll be ready for the races without a problem.


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