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Gelderlander Qualities

The qualities that a Gelderlander horse bodes are what makes them so unique. An aesthetically pleasing appearance for one, and the strength to be a part of military action are just two. They can be used for harness work and in competitions as well. If you are seeking a horse that's a winner time and again in the competitions, then a Gelderlander is the horse for you! They can be found in The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, and Amsterdam.

Gelderlander Temperament

Just like humans, not all horses are created equal. Some can be extremely difficult to train and work with for years until they mature. Others, such as the Gelderlander, are simple to train and raise over time. They are the type of horse that thrives on helping their owners and becoming a trained animal. They can also handle climate changes with ease and have a quiet personality, for the most part.

Gelderlander Appearance

The Gelderlander horse is one of many descendants. They began being cross bred many year ago, and as a result of that breeding exploration, they quickly became a much stronger and beautiful animal. They are now considered a rather quick moving horse with loads of beauty. They have a convex profile, but not as pronounced as some of the other breeds. These horse have an average size frame of sixteen hands but are incredibly strong. They also have a high set tail with a long mane and good feet. You will find them with coat colors of chestnut and gray.

Gelderlander Upkeep

One trait that makes caring for any horse a cinch is that of willingness. That is one of the best qualities that the Gelderlander bodes. An animal that is self serving in many ways and one with a kind sensitivity that eases any fears of running away on their owners minds, any horse that is well known as a competition winner is generally a pleasant one with a calm demeanor. Thankfully, this describes the Gelderlander to a tee. No major illnesses are reported in the breed.

Gelderlander History

The Gelderlander horse breed is from The Netherlands. They have been thought of as remaining a fixed type of horse. In the beginning, they were bred for the sole purpose of being used on farms. Then they began being bred with Thoroughbred horses, as well as some other noteworthy styles such as Anglo Norman, Hackney and the Oldenburg breeds, though the best results came from their diligent breeding efforts as these animals became one the most popular horse breeds with one of the most versatile set of uses. Utilized for farm work, for competitions, as carriage horses, as a horse that boded the ability to work closely with the military, and even transport heavy loads, the Gelderlander is truly a remarkable horse.

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