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Hackney Qualities

The Hackney horses come from England, where horses are considered rather elegant and useful. The creatures are primarily used for harness work and riding alike. They are noted as having very energetic personalities and can be showy and wise. You can find them in France, England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Their Arab blood line influences give them a different look and overall appearance from the other horse breeds that one can find roaming around the United Kingdom.

Hackney Temperament

The temperament of the Hackney horses is that of playfulness. This horse is basic to care for, but they are rather young at heart. Described as spirited and lively by their masters, they are able to roam freely with children.

Hackney Appearance

The Hackney horses stand at around fifteen hands in full grown size. They are bred in various colors such as bay, brown, chestnut, and black. They bode a refined head, arched head, level croup, sloping shoulders, and a very high set tail. They have ideal withers for harness work and bode lots of muscles.

Hackney Upkeep

The day to day maintenance of a Hackney horse is simplistic. This breed can care for themselves with little attention needed from their owners. They can be utilized as farm hands and pay attention to details when given directions. Commonly, the Hackney’s are sweet animals and love to be helpful. They do not bode any known major health issues.

Hackney History

The Hackney horses came from England. They are considered one of the finest breeds to originate from the United Kingdom due to their strides in elegance and work alongside King Henry VIII. In fact, the Kind used to severely punish those that would ever cross him and decide to export one of the Hackney horses. The breed's name is said to have stemmed from the French word 'Haquenee', which means 'riding horse'. They had a high amount of stamina and endurance that could outlast several other breeds of their time. Their trot was considered one that could cover a significant amount of ground at a fast pace, making them high in demand for someone that wanted to ride quickly. They were trained to have a more distinct trot as time progressed and members of English society wanted a horse that could carry their heads high, that could have an interesting gait, and  could have their knees lifted with ease tended to favor the Hackney breed. In the late eighteen hundreds, the Hackney horses began their very own studbook and went on to be produced all over the entire world.

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