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Haflinger Qualities

The Haflinger horse is beautiful and well built. They are well known for their durability and strength. Most are used for riding, pack purposes, forestry work, and harness duties. Farmers find them very practical in their homelands. Considered hardy and a horse that bodes a lot of natural athletic ability, the Haflinger is a wonderful addition to any farmland or riding team. This breed is sometimes also referred to as the Avelignese breed, which is the Italian word for Haflinger.

Haflinger Temperament

The Haflinger breed is a very sweet animal. They are amenable and patient. In fact, they are patient enough to be utilized as riding horses for the smallest of little ones. They are thoughtful creatures and have easy-going personalities. Another great trait about this breed is that they are equally intelligent and full of life, making them a rather vibrant animal overall.

Haflinger Appearance

The Haflinger horse is generally around fourteen hands in measurement as a full grown adult. They're considered an attractive breed with an average sized head that bodes larger eyes. They also have a pronounced wither, a very shiny coat, sloping shoulders, legs with lots of bone inside, white manes with thick hair, and tails that are generally kept longer than most other breeds.

Haflinger Upkeep

Caring for your Haflinger horse is simple as they generally do not require much for their overall maintenance. They can survive in virtually any climate and can climb and trail for hours. They also have not been found to experience any major illnesses. Used in wars and other military formats, they are simple to care for and very appreciative and loyal to their families.

Haflinger History

The Haflinger horse was founded in Austria and is equally popular both there as well as in Italy. You can find them grazing and running all along the Tyrolean mountains. Farmers adored these creatures for their impressive surefooted abilities to travel all along the Rocky Alpine Hills. They have a common practice that requires them to date their ancestry back by one stallion. For example, the 249 Folie sired by the bred 133 El Bedavi XXII, an Arab horse, and that became a Tyrolean breed. They did suffer some form of decrease in population during the Second World War as the military was desperately seeking a thicker horse that was geared more for drafting. They are currently considered a popular horse breed and are also classified as a smaller type, but it is their extreme athletic ability that bodes so many fans. Made notorious for their Edelweiss marking used for branding purposes in the form of a basic “H”, the difference between this marking and those that are similar, such as horses from Italy, is an “HI” marking instead. There is also a flower inside the marking to help signify exactly which breed you're looking at.

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