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Jutland Qualities

Jutland horses were once very popular in Denmark. Additionally, they can be found in Germany, Sweden, and along the North Sea. They are used for harness work and agriculture purposes. Considered to be enduring, sturdy, and very playful horses, their biggest claim to fame is that they are very similar to the Suffolk Punch styles.

Jutland Temperament

The temperament of Jutland horses is that of being docile and very willing to please their owners. The breed is sweet and can be used for work purposes and riding. They are currently utilized as show breeds thanks in part to their good looks and nice personalities.

Jutland Appearance

Jutland horses stand at around sixteen hands at full grown adult size. They have a bigger head, powerful quarters, a compact body, flat wither, a short but strong neck, and a blunt shaped head. Their backs are short and wide. They also have short legs, ones that have course feather looks, along with what are considered fleshy joints. The ends of their legs have bushy fur around them, which can keep them very warm when working in the winters.

Jutland Upkeep

Jutland horses have to be cared for but not more than the average breed. They are kind and can be left unattended for hours. They reside in the cold climates or in the warm, making them versatile for your needs. The breed will need ample time to run and roam around for hours at all times as they are very playful and young at heart.

Jutland History

The Jutland breed comes from Denmark. They have been rumored to have given the Suffolk Punch horses their own history, but many feel it may be the other way around. The Suffolk breed is considered the latter of the two, but also a more refined version. One stallion in particular named Oppenheim LXII was one of the Suffolk Punch variations that went on to be imported to Denmark. Just six generations later down the line, the horse Aldrup Menkedal was given the label as being the founder of the breed. Virtually all of the Jutland breed can be linked to the Hovding and the Prins of Jylland and their two sons. In 1928, the Jutland horses were utilized to buy the Copenhagen area brewery called Carlsberg. During those times, the brewery had a stock of around two hundred of the Jutland horses. However, as much as the breed was beloved in their time, currently they are few and far between. The mere twenty or so that are left behind have been used for horse shows, in fairs and in demonstrations around Europe.

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