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Kathiawari Qualities

The Kathiawari horses come from India. They are used as riding horses, in the military, and also in polo matches. Considered to be sporty, robust, brave, intelligent, and enduring creatures, they can primarily be found in the areas of Pakistan, Karachi, Ahmadabad, and Rajkot.

Kathiawari Temperament

Kathiawari horses are gentle and sweet, but also equally as notable and respected. They are known as creatures that are very involved with their owners and will do anything to protect their honor. They are easy tempered for most days, but do be cautious not to work them up as they can be unpredictable at times. Most Kathiawari owners would say that they are generally very affectionate and sweet.

Kathiawari Appearance

The Kathiawari horse stand at around fifteen hands in full grown size. They bode a chiseled head, curled ears, an arched neck, hard feet, and a short spine. They can be bred in chestnut, white, and virtually any color with the exception of black. They are rather muscular but still with the ability to be graceful as well. The hard feet they bode aids in their strength and their abilities to become very surefooted creatures.

Kathiawari Upkeep

Tending to a Kathiawari horse is minimal. The tasks of tending to this breed is kept fairly minimal. They are able to care for themselves, generally speaking, and can be used as working animals. They easily to reside in any temperature climate but are commonly kept in warmer areas. No major medical illnesses have been reported in the breed.

Kathiawari History

Founded in India, the Kathiawari horses were given their distinct names by the Kathiawar Peninsula areas where they were settled. The breed has been often confused with the Marwari styles of horses as they are generally similar to one another. They have been reported as arriving in the Indian lands via shipments made by moguls that were well known masters in the Indian lands. They have a strong Arabian horse bloodline present in them, and they certainly do look like one of the Arabian styles. The notorious Gujarat families at the time were the only ones wealthy enough to own the Kathiawari horses. While they are brave creatures and athletic as well, they are best used as a family pet. They were also once war horses but only the strong survived since only the strongest horses left after battles were typically sent to breed. Currently, you can see them being bred in the lands of the Junagadh and Gujarat families. They are bred there on farmlands, as well as working as hardy animals.

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