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Miniature Horse FAQ


miniature horse1. What is a miniature horse?

A miniature horse is exactly that, a small horse. These small horses have a dwarfism gene that causes them to be significantly smaller. The AMHA or American Miniature Horse Association recognizes two heights as acceptable Class A horses which are up to 34 inches and Class B which is up to 38 inches.

2. How long do they live?

A miniature horse lives, on average, about a third longer than a regular horse. So while a full size horse may live to be 30 years old, a miniature horse could live to be forty or more. One lived to be more than fifty years old!

3. How small is the smallest miniature horse?

The smallest horse listed in the Guinness Book of World Records is Black Beauty who reached 18.5 inches. The smallest studding stallion was Bond Tiny Tim who barely topped that at 19 inches.

4. Do miniature horses live indoors?

They can certainly, however they also like to be outdoors and can be housed in a small barn, corralled and allowed to graze and play. They have a thin summer coat and a thick winter coat that keeps them safe in the different types of weather.

5. Do miniature horses smell?

Naturally no, and some horses have been trained to stand up to regular bathing and all horses should be groomed daily. These things, together with a lack of natural body odor, keep your miniature from smelling up the house.

6. What do they eat?

A miniature horse lives on the same things as a regular horse: grass and grains. They're quite happy to be your lawn mower and simply need a handful of oats and a salt and mineral block to round them out. Be Warned! Miniature horses have a terrible sweet tooth, you want to make sure you aren't over feeding with treats!

7. Do they play?

As foals they will run and chase and play with one another. As with any animal, as they mature this behavior begins to disappear, but they can still enjoy games. One game miniature horses love is bobbing for apples- just don't put too many in the pool!

8. How much vet care does a mini-horse require?

The upkeep of a miniature horse is comparable to that of a dog. They require annual vaccines and regular de-worming. They must also have their hooves trimmed every six to eight weeks.

9. Do mini-horses get fleas?

In a word, no. Fleas do not like the skin of miniature horses and so they do not get fleas.

10. Where can I buy one?

Mini's are very common and relatively inexpensive. If you are considering a miniature horse, check out rescues and auctions as well as owner sales online.



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