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Missouri Fox-Trotter Information

Missouri Fox-Trotter

Missouri Fox-Trotter

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Missouri Fox-Trotter Qualities

The Missouri Fox-Trotter has many useful qualities. They are used for shows and competitions, as well as a form of Western riding. They are noted to be the type of horse that is agile and surefooted. This breed can be found in Kansas, Arkansas, Illinois, Oklahoma, and Missouri. They closed the breed’s registry in the early nineteen eighties, but this animal is popular and has been famously so for several decades in the southeastern part of the United States.

Missouri Fox-Trotter Temperament

The temperament of the Missouri Fox-Trotter is that of willingness and kindness. This style of horse is very gentle and docile, but remains strong and powerful when needed. Not all horses can be utilized in shows as their personalities simply do not allow for it, but Missouri Fox-Trotters can easily handle being trained and are eager to perform for their owners.

Missouri Fox-Trotter Appearance

The Missouri Fox-Trotter is a beautiful breed of horses. They stand at around fifteen hands in full grown adult size and are bred in just about color coating. They have a fine head, sloping shoulders, and lots of muscles. They bode a long, shiny mane and well sprung ribs. They have strong feet that are excellent for walking for miles and miles.

Missouri Fox-Trotter Upkeep

Taking good care of your Missouri Fox-Trotter can be a cinch. They enjoy residing in a warmer climate, but do not require it as they're rather resilient. The Trotter can easily live in the mountains in a colder climate, but will do better overall in a mild and warmer one. They are easy to train and can do well on farms working with families and children. Their background of Arab blood has helped to mold them into a very calm and sweet creature.

Missouri Fox-Trotter History

The Missouri Fox-Trotter derives from the United States of America, primarily in the state of Missouri (which you could have guessed by the name). They have received their unique name from the dance they did when they were developed in the Missouri Ozarks. The horses bode a gait that is one of a four beat and is rather fluid, all things considered. This type of horse is considered smooth and easy going since they walk with their trots and their front feet with its hind. This makes for a very graceful ride, one that can endure the rider to go on for miles without any stops. They are well known for being easy to manipulate through mountainous terrains. Many years ago, it was thought that the pioneers utilized these horses to get from the Mississippi River to Tennessee, then also to Virginia. They were first called an Ozark Hill Horse and were used frequently for many farmers. They were finally registered in Ava, Missouri sometime during the middle of the nineteenth century.

Missouri Fox-Trotter Photos

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