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Orlov Trotter Information

Orlov Trotter

Orlov Trotter

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Orlov Trotter Qualities

Orlov Trotter is a horse that is very tall and strong. They are alert and have an excellent sense of their surroundings. Typically, they have been utilized for harness work, in competitions, trotting, and also for riding. They can be found in Voronezh, Ukraine, and around the Sea of Azov in the Russian Federation.

Orlov Trotter Temperament

The Orlov Trotter is a calm and eager horse. They are simple to train and learn rather quickly. Normally, they are considered a quiet and laid back style of animal, one that would not require much for daily care. They are described as willing and very bright creatures, quick thinkers that can easily get out of any dangerous situation that can care for themselves.

Orlov Trotter Appearance

Orlov Trotters are generally larger in height than some of the more standard styles. They are typically around seventeen hands in adult size, and they bode a large head as well. They also have large eyes and an arched neck shape that helps support them in being strong. They have rather strong legs and prominent tendons. You can find them in shades of grey in most cases, but some are also found in black, chestnut, and bay alike.

Orlov Trotter Upkeep

Tending after an Orlov Trotter is minimal. They are very wise and very powerful. A horse that can survive in the coldest of Russian winters and travel for miles without any discrepancies, they are noted as an animal that can get through the rivers and up mountains with ease. No major illnesses have been reported that this particular horse breed.

Orlov Trotter History

Originating from Russia, the Orlov Trotter breed has been noted as one of the most popular types of horses. They are notorious for their quick speed and have incredible endurance to match. The breed starts in Russia sometime in the eighteen hundreds with the help of Count Alexei Orlov, who operated a horse farm called the Khrenovskoy Stud Farm situated somewhere near Bobrov, a small town in Russia. This breed had come to shape as a result of cross breeding the European styles, such as the English, Danish, and Arabian stallions. The Russian nobles frequently rode this breed and enjoyed their durability. At some point, they were cross bred with the standard bred forms which aided in the development of the Russian Trotter. Once the twentieth century came about, they were threatened by extinction. This was a serious problem as many horses were utilized for the strict purpose of racing and there were other breeds at this time that were faster than the Orlov Trotters. The horses did not have to endure extinction as they surpassed this obstacle. There are currently over a dozen of these exact type of horse farms in Russia and the Ukraine.

Orlov Trotter Photos

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