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Peruvian Paso Information

Peruvian Paso

Peruvian Paso

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Peruvian Paso Qualities

The Peruvian Paso horse comes from Peru. They are considered born with loads of talent, so much so that they can easily become very successful in competitions and shows around the world. They are agile creatures and very prideful which can aid them in their competitions. Utilized mostly for riding of all purposes, harness work, and shows, the breed can be found in Ecuador, Columbia, Brazil, Lima, Peru, and Bolivia.

Peruvian Paso Temperament

The temperament of the Peruvian Paso is very happy and pleasing. They can be very loyal to their owners and get along with other animals on a farm. This breed is also described as being full of life and spirit. Additionally, they are easy to train as they are very eager creatures that learn new skills quickly.

Peruvian Paso Appearance

The Peruvian Paso horse has the measurements of standing at around fourteen hands when fully grown. They can be bred in virtually any solid color and bode a convex or straight profile. A short back and very powerful quarters aid this animal in their versions of Western riding. They also have a very long and full mane along with a very bushy tail. They are generally a very attractive horse that can serve multiple functions.

Peruvian Paso Upkeep

Taking care of a Peruvian Paso horse is rather simplistic. The breed is not high maintenance at all as they are very self sufficient and can be relied upon to take care of themselves most of their time. The horses can reside in extremely warm climates without any medical issues and they do not have any major health discrepancies on record. They will need room to roam and run freely and like the company of other horses or animals as this breed enjoys being social in most cases.

Peruvian Paso History

The Peruvian Paso comes from Peru. It is their gait that has made them so notoriously famous. This breed has to abide by several rules and regulations to be a registered stallion. For example, they must have a unique gait and hooves that are certain sizes. Their hooves must be of four inches or smaller and their gait must have a side to side motion. The Peruvian Paso also has the rolling motion of a frontward crawl, which is noted as the "termino". They have many various phrases that have been used to describe their characteristics for their personality such as “brio”, which means to have an excellent showmanship quality about them that is unlike any other. They have many amazing features and it reasons why so many farm handlers desire to have them on their farms working for them all year long.

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