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Pottok Qualities

Pottok horses were once utilized in the circus, which can say quite a bit for their personalities. Well known as sensitive and caring animals, they are durable, simple to feed, and considered rather endearing. They have be utilized for riding, harness work, and all rounder skills. Experts have claimed there are significant differences within the mountain and valley herds of these horses, as the mountain ones are usually much smaller in size. They are still so popular today for their forgiving attitude toward becoming domesticated creatures and for working with children so often. They have been featured in films and have also been serving as a mascot for a rugby team.

Pottok Temperament

The Pottok horse is extremely easy going. They are well known for their exceptionally sweet temperaments and are very docile. Great for use with kids, the Pottok horse is gentle and can easily be trusted to roam freely for miles in the mountains and countryside.

Pottok Appearance

Pottok horse stands around fourteen hands at full adult size. They bode a straight head, very hard feet, lean legs, sloping shoulders, short necks, and long backs. Pottok horses are bred in all coat variations. They have a head that is considered attractive and slightly dished in horse terms, and they also have short ears.

Pottok Upkeep

The Pottok horse can handle a lot of work and still remain calm and sweet. They are simple to care for over the years and are very loving for families and small children. Boding a very heavy coat, these creatures can endure various temperatures and not develop any illnesses. They also have strong bodies and can travel long distances without any issues.

Pottok History

Coming from the Basque region of France, the Pottok horse breed has been in demand for quite some time. They are considered one of the three main native breeds of horses coming from France. Seen roaming along the French and Spanish borders, the Pottok breed has history coming from the Magdalenian types of horses, which were dated all the way back to seven thousand B.C. They were once considered a very wild animal but have since transformed into a domesticated one. Just as their popularity began to grow, they were hurt by the high demand for horses that were larger and stringer in size needed for agricultural purposes. Some examples of these other types of horses that quickly became more popular were the Piebald and the Skewbald variations. Experts believe that at some point there were speculated to be only a mere 150 of these precious animals walking around in France, but since breeders have formed the studbook sometime in the seventies, they have since split into two variations of breeds: some Arab and some Welsh.

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