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Przewalski's Horse Information

Przewalski's Horse

Przewalski's Horse

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Przewalski's Horse Qualities

A horse with a stand out name, the Przewalski’s Horse is one wild animal. They were thought of as becoming an endangered form and shortly after sent off into the wild. Popular animals in China, the horses are considered very aggressive creatures and have tempers to match. For these reasons, they are not used as riding animals or for show competitions. They have also been referred to as the Mongolian horse, and the Asian Wild horse as well.

Przewalski's Horse Temperament

The Przewalski’s Horse is notorious for being a very wild and fiery one. They bode angry actions and can be harmful to the untrained or around children. In their natural habitat in the wild, they can be very well versed at fighting other animals and hold their own in any rumble. They enjoy grazing and going through piles, the males have a habit of marking their own territory with urine as well.

Przewalski's Horse Appearance

One characteristic of the Przewalski’s horse is that they bode more chromosomes than the others. For example, they are born with sixty six while other breeds are born with sixty four. They are mostly known to be bred with a yellow dun coat and unique zebra like striping on their legs. Also, they bode a very thick neck compared to others and short hairs on the tail versus the more common long and frayed horse tail. They are a much thicker and more solid appearing animal over most other common breeds in this area. Their manes are usually trimmed neatly and not kept long.

Przewalski's Horse Upkeep

The Przewalski’s horse is a simple animal to maintain. They are generally kept out in the wild, which makes for very little owners aiming to domesticate them worldwide. For those that do wish to own them, they have strong tempers and will become aggressive when they feel it is necessary. In other traits, this horse breed can be simple to tend to as they can easily survive as wild creatures and in some parts of the world that are very dry, overheated, and in desert like conditions.

Przewalski's Horse History

Otherwise known as the Asiatic Wild Horse, the Przewalski’s Horse comes from Mongolia. Appropriately named after the man that founded the breed roaming, Colonel Nicolai Mikhailovitch Przewalski, in the eighteen hundreds somewhere in the Gobi desert. Nicolai was a very famous geographer and explorer during this era. Some paintings dating clear back virtually twenty thousand years in Europe have images that experts believe to be quite similar to Przewalski’s horse. These horses today can be found mostly in parts of Russia, China, Mongolia, and Ulan Bator. Historians have stated that this particular breed has not been seen in China in over fifty years. Those interested in reclaiming this breed of horse are beginning to do so in lands in the Ukraine, Asia, the Netherlands, and back where they all routed from, Mongolia.

Przewalski's Horse Photos

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