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Selle Francais Information

Selle Francais

Selle Francais

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Selle Francais Qualities

Some notable qualities of the Selle Francais are that they are full of energy and extremely smart. They are also considered to perform at a rapid pace and are commonly utilized for horse competitions and racing as they truly can excel in these areas. They can be found in London. St. Lo, along the Bay of Biscay and English Channel as well. Still categorized as a newer breed, they are growing in popularity everyday. As many centuries passed, the strict procedures on testing and making the Selle Francais horse breed even better has improved greatly. As horse racing began to expand in England, it put an emphasis on the Selle Francais and how experienced they were as opposed to other horse types at that time. Breeders went on to create many stud farms all over the world based solely on this particular breed.

Selle Francais Temperament

The temperament of a Selle Francais horse is that of overall well balance. These creatures are sound and very amicable to learn new things and to be trained. They are also noted as being tractable and willing to serve their families and fulfill their duties as work horses as well.

Selle Francais Appearance

The appearance of a Selle Francais horse is that of a tall and beautiful creature. They stand at around seventeen hands when fully grown and bode an attractiveness that not all horses are born with. Additionally, the have been bred in all sorts of colors, but generally speaking they are most common found in solid shades versus spotted ones. They have a long neck and an elegant appearance along with strong legs and a deep chest.

Selle Francais Upkeep

Tending to a Selle Francais breed is simple. They are very kind and can live to be rather resilient. Not all horses can survive in various temperature climates, but this particular breed can with ease. They do not bode any major health conditions. Grading this horse breed is broken down into several various categories such as style, scope, power, and walking.

Selle Francais History

The Selle Francais horse comes from France, where it has reached high popularity for being such a tremendous sporting animal. They are attractive and have an incredible ability for high jumping. One in particular, the Selle Francais Baloubet De Rouet, was the winner of three World Show Jumping Championships. They also went on to win a medal at the Olympics. As time progressed, these horses were bred with Le Pin and also Saint Lo horse farms, which included Norfolk Trotters and English Thoroughbreds. Specifically, the Anglo Norman and the French Trotter were the result of all of this type of breeding. They continued to create various styles of the Selle Francais horse for drafting and also for riding. A specific horse named Orange Peel was placed into the blood lines to increase the riding abilities.

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