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Shagya Arab Information

Shagya Arab

Shagya Arab

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Shagya Arab Qualities

The Hungarian bred Shagya Arab horse is a gray and white coated beauty. One that adores being a showman and does extremely well in competitions, they are elegant and athletic as well as an attractive breed. Known once as a great choice for a Calgary mounted animal, this breed has many uses and is always up for traveling long distances.

Shagya Arab Temperament

Shagya Arab horses are strong willed and extremely brave, but not to the extent that they need to be monitored for it. Many horses can be brave but still remain very calm and poised. They are just as equally well known for their friendly demeanors as they are for their inner strength. They do well around people and love attention.

Shagya Arab Appearance

The Shagya Arab horse stands tall at around sixteen hands in height as full grown adults. They are generally a gray coated animal with what is considered a very good looking, thin head, sloping shoulders, and great legs for running. They have an increased level of strength when compared to the general Arab horse breed, but their backs. for example. are stronger than the full breeds. Elegantly shaped from head to toe, this creature is good for competitions and just plain looks great.

Shagya Arab Upkeep

Getting your Shagya Arab horse trained and cared for as the years go by is a relatively simple challenge. Since they, like many other horse breeds, can easily survive with little needs in cold or excessively warm temperatures, they tend to do well in any environment or climate. If you wish to use your Shagya Arab as a show horse, then they will obviously require more care and training.

Shagya Arab History

The Shagya Arab horse originated from Hungary and was recently bred for militant purposes. Just some two hundred years ago, the Shagya Arab horses were developed to create a much taller and sleeker version of the traditional Arab styles. They received their name by the individual sire that founded these fine creatures. One trait that makes them so distinct is that they have a very signature look to them: their recognizable cream colored coats. These animals can be found in Slovenia, Austria, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Poland, and Czech Republic. The Hungarian National Stud has been given the Shagya in the eighteen hundreds. There it would go on to provide an attractive appearance as well as a very gifted athletic performing horse. They became a very loyal and swift moving creature, great for use as a carriage horse for their style and also for harness work. Once famous for being a sport horse, they took over the dressage categories, even wining an FEI championship in Babolna.

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