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Shetland Qualities

The Shetland pony comes from Scotland, but they can be found in the United Kingdom, Wales, Ireland, and predominantly in Edinburgh. They are ponies but are used for many transporting purposes due to their strength. Considered to be hardy, sweet, and tough, the Shetland is a well bred animal. This type of horse is almost always a pure breed as they live in a remote location and it would be challenging to introduce new breeds into this style of horse for mating purposes. They have been around for a very long history in England and Scotland and has become a popular and traditional horse breed for the locals.

Shetland Temperament

The Shetland is a caring and gentle pony. They are known for being extremely calm and tender. This alluring temperament they bode frequently allows them to be used as training horses for children. Very gentle and small, the Shetland is a great addition to any farm.

Shetland Appearance

The Shetland stands at around ten hands when fully grown, making them one of the absolute smallest horse breeds currently recognized. They are generally bred in any color variety of horse and though they may be small they are rather hardy. They have a tiny head, neat ears, sloping shoulders, excellent ribs, strong feet, and powerful quarters. Their eyes are described as bold and are generally dark in color. Well balanced legs, lots of muscles and small ears alike, they have a broad forehead, but are considered to be a pretty horse by experts and enthusiasts alike.

Shetland Upkeep

Tending to your Shetland pony is simple since they will require very little from you. They can generally care for themselves rather well and can even endure extreme weather, all teh while retaining a pleasant attitude. They do not often need help other than to maintain their veterinarian duties.

Shetland History

The Shetland pony originated on the Shetland Isles inside Northern Scotland. In the area of Great Britain, this horse is well known and even bodes the label of being the most native pony to come from this area. They are obviously named after their native land and are smaller in scale than full grown horses. Do not allow the small size to fool you though as this animal is extremely strong and capable. They were utilized previously to transport peat for rather long distances. Due to the location of the Shetland Isles, this breed has been preserved quite well over the years. Considering this area of land is surrounded by the sea, these horses can withstand some traitorous temperatures. This is a rare occasion where the smaller the animal, the easier it was to survive during these times, making it ideal for the Shetland styles to live with little adjustments.

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