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akhal_teke header


Renowned for their poise and class, the Akhal-Teke makes for an excellent riding horse as well as a popular show horse due to their calm temper and sweet disposition.

alter-real header Alter-Real

The Alter-Real is a horse for any occasion, being strong and ready to work, laid-back and ready to ride, or hearty and ready for a show. Besides being a triple threat, they're also very smart.
american indian horse header American Indian Horse

The American Indian Horse is best known for their endurance and ability to travel for long distances with ease, making them superb riding and work horses. They are thoughtful and even-tempered.
andalusian header Andalusian

A breed that's known for being both sweet and brave when you need them to be, the Andalusian is a great riding horse for shows and parades, or even as cavalry.
appaloosa header Appaloosa

Hardy and sweet, the Appaloosa is a horse of simplicity. Their attitude is calm and reliable, making them great for farm work, riding, and even rodeos. They're best trained when young as they pick up skills easily.
arabian header Arabian

Arabians are fast and have high endurance, making them great for racing and riding long distance. They are very faithful companions and will never once stray from their family when trained.
ariegeois header Ariegeois

The Ariegeois breed is a breed that finds endless uses on the farm, though it can easily be used in shows, however rare that may actually occur. They are known to be simple animals to tend to on a daily basis.
avelignese header Avelignese 

Known as a very surefooted breed, the Avelignese is great for long travels through deserts and places with extreme temperatures. They're also great for vaulting and therapeutic riding.
azteca header Azteca

The Azteca breed is generally known for having a willingness to learn and be trained. They're great in compentitions and considered a very sporty horse. They don't tend to have a wildside, so they're great for riding.
brabant header


The Brabant is a breed of horse suited for just about any occasion, doing great in shows and competition, as well as harness work, which makes sense considering how large and powerful they appear.

camargue header


The Camargue, once known as "Horses of the Sea," are adored the world over, even being portrayed frequently in movies. They do not require much from their keepers and are fairly self sufficient.

caspian header


Caspians are extremely agile and great for beginners. Like most horses, they're sweet and affectionate, but they also have an immense amount of strength. They are one of the most popular breeds in the world.

cerbat header Cerbat

Rugged and strong, the Cerbat breed is tough enough to withstand harsh conditions and rough terrain. They're considered beautiful horses and work great in event horse competitions.
clydesdale header Clydesdale

One of the most popular and well known horse breeds, the Clydesdale is an enourmous and sturdy creature, built for hauling and pulling. Despite this large size, they are very kindhearted horses and tend to be easy to train.
colonial spanish header Colonial Spanish

Once considered the most popular breed in the world, the Colonial Spanish is a great horse for any situation. However, they can be a challenge to train, though when trained young they become extremely loyal.
einsiedler header Einsiedler

The Einseidler is a breed that does it all, though primarily they're seen and utilized as competition horses. They are easy to train and work great as work horses as well.
falabella header Falabella 

The Falabella breed is one of the best when it comes to little ones as they are incredibly sweet and easy going. Great for riding, competitions, and shows, they work on large farms or as pets in smaller fenced areas.
friesian header Friesian

The Friesian breed comes from the Netherlands and is considered very hardy and noble. They have a lot of spirit and were used to create the Fell and Dales breeds.
gelderlander header  Gelderlander

Great for work and great in competitions, the Gelderlander is a wonderful breed that is simple to train and raise over time. They're aesthetically pleasing and strong as well, making them a fantastic option.
haflinger header  Haflinger

Haflingers are beautiful and well built. They're great for riding, pack purposes, forestry work, and harness work, plus they're easy to train and work well with children. They're quite vibrant overall.
hanoverian header  Hanoverian

The Hanoverian breed can do it all and look good doing it. They can learn all equestrian skills in no time and best yet have no inherent attitude problems. Some may go so far as to say this is the perfect breed.
jutland header  Jutland

Jutlands are great draft horses, as well as excellent show breeds. They don't require much effort to raise but will give back tenfold with their ability to work endlessly.
knabstrup header  Knabstrup

Being gentle yet rugged, the Knabstrup is very recognizable due to its black spots on a body of white. They are generally very happy and eager to be trained and can be very strong when they need to be.
lipizzaner header  Lipizzaner

Lipizzaners can be used for all classic styles of equestrian work, including dressage and harness work. They are frequently seen in shows around the world as they are one of the simplest horses to train.
lusitano header  Lusitano

The Lusitano breed is used frequently in the dressage categories and as show horses, making them rather popular. They are calm yet brave and have a lot of intelligence. They may be best known for their posing abilities.
marwari header  Marwari

One of the most loyal horse breeds, the Marwari would gladly step in the line of fire if it meant saving their owner. They are loved and adored in India and are used mostly for riding and competitive purposes.
missouri fox trotter header  Missouri Fox-Trotter

Eager to perform and easy to be trained, the Missouri Fox-Trotter is great for shows and competitions. Their willingness to learn is wonderful and their agility and surefootedness make them great trek horses as well.
paso fino header  Paso Fino

Paso Finos can do most anything you need them to, particularly sports. They're smaller than some other horses in the same category, and because of that they're a good choice for little kid riders.
peruvian paso header  Peruvian Paso

The Peruvian Paso is a breed that's loyal to their owners and has no trouble getting along with other animals. They are born with natural talent and so succeed easily in all areas.
quarter horse header  Quarter Horse

Quarter Horses are an excellent all around breed with calm temperaments that make beginning riders love them. They are used frequently in rodeos and horse racing.
racking horse header  Racking Horse

The Racking horse is a very athletic breed and are used frequently in competitions to show off this ability. They do great as performers and are great for riding. But they're not all play as they can do a hard day's work.
rocky mountain horse header  Rocky Mountain Horse

A horse that's bred to take the harshest climates and terrain, the Rocky Moutain Horse is strong and fast. They're used on farms and in races, and mailmen frequently use them as a good form of transportation.
shagya arab header  Shagya Arab

The Shagya Arab adores being a showman and does extremely well in competitions. They tend to be a great choice as a mounted animal as they can travel long distances without difficulty.
suffolk punch header  Suffolk Punch

The Suffolk Punch were popular in England centuries ago because of their usefulness as harness workers and show horses, a sentiment that still prevails today. They are considered sweet, tender, and gentle.
tersk header  Tersk

The Tersk breed excels at racing, competitions, and endurance training. They're fast and agile and tend to be simple to train. Very bright and pleasant, they just love to race.
thoroughbred header  Thoroughbred

Thoroughbreds helped to start the Sport of Kings thanks to their magnificent look and incredible speed for racing. Still used primarily as racing and show horses today, they are best trained by professionals.