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Thoroughbred Qualities

They formed the Sport of Kings, the Thoroughbred horse is a magnificent breed of animals. Used for many decades as racing or sport horses, they went on to also be utilized as show or competitive animals as well. A long horse with distinct features makes this breed a big winner at most competitions. A muscular and strong neck and a medium set tail completes this handsome horse.

Thoroughbred Temperament

The Thoroughbred breed is one of the most bright types of horses. They can typically be trained with relatively modest accommodation and are very quick learners. Additionally, these creatures are playful and full of life. Some, like people, can be calm and others rather sensitive and timid. Most are charming and generally very responsive. It is best for these animals to be trained by a professional or someone that has a nurturing hand and energetic spirit.

Thoroughbred Appearance

One can certainly almost always quickly identify a Thoroughbred horse in a crowd. They are very elegant animals with a noble appeal. World famous for racing animals, they have all the right features to perform at such high speeds. Quite long and lean, this breed is also equally as powerful. They are loaded with muscle tissue and have strong quarters. Usually measuring around sixteen hands in size, this horse can compete at a high rate of speed and has very good endurance to match.

Thoroughbred Upkeep

Taking care of your Thoroughbred horse is a simple task. They adore running in open spaces for hours, if not most of the day. If you plan to use your horse as a competitive one, then you can incur quite a few costs per year. These animals are very popular for racing and other sports and most buyers will obtain one for only that reason. A show Thoroughbred can cost several thousand dollars to care for annually. It may be a wise investment for those willing to foot the bill and own a piece of history as well as a one of a kind speed machine on the track.

Thoroughbred History

If not for the Arab stallions, the world would not have the Thoroughbred horses today. Stemming from racing breeds to the Barb famil, to the Scottish Gallaways, the Thoroughbreds have a long list of dominant horse genes. Originating in England, researchers believe they can also be found in such areas as Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and France. The major breeds of stallions that contributed to this fantastic show horse are the Darley Arabian, Godolphin, and the Byerley Turk styles. Developed in Syria in the seventeen hundreds, the famous Darley Arabian breed was noted as one of the fastest types of all kind, a very distant relative of the Thoroughbreds we see today.

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