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Welsh Section A and B Information


Welsh Section A and B

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Welsh Section A and B Qualities

The Welsh Section A and B horses have been bred in mostly solid colors and have a strong presence in Wales. They are commonly noted for their riding abilities, their harness work, and their use inside the competition circuit. They have been found in Wales, Scotland, England, Ireland, and France. They have been examined carefully as one of the breeds that is designed for survival in virtually any  environmental condition.

Welsh Section A and B Temperament

Welsh Section A and B horses are known to be rather rough around the edges, but also quite sweet and tender. They are loaded with spirit and have a great time with little ones running about. This breed can also be trained with ease as they have a very strong presence in the competitions. Kind, gentle, and very warm, they bode a personality that permits them to be eager to learn.

Welsh Section A and B Appearance

The appearance of the Welsh Section A and B horses stand anywhere from twelve to thirteen hands when full grown. They have a very strong and lean body with a pretty head and big eyes. They are well flexed when they run and have a pronounced wither, plus they are bred in all colors.

Welsh Section A and B Upkeep

The daily upkeep for a Welsh Section A and B horse is rather limited. They do not require much from their owners other than some love and space to roam. This breed is unique in that it can withstand any temperature setting and still not require any extra accommodation from their owners. They also do not bode any major reported health issues by specialists, which is another great indication that this breed is a winner.

Welsh Section A and B History

The Welsh Section A and B horse breed originates in Wales. They are well known for their Arabian ancestry and have what is considered to be a pretty head. This breed is a style of pony that is very strong and thought of as hardy. In Wales, they still currently are a very supported and popular breed of horses. One can find them roaming the Welsh mountain areas more often than not and are very friendly creatures. Experts have noted that Julius Caesar once owned a stud that was situated on Bala Lake. It was at that time that the Romans brought Arab blood lines into this breed for a unique cross breeding. The section A style horses were considered to be the smallest of the groupings. The Section A versions are well thought of as sweet and attractive looking horses. The Section B styles were those that were a tad larger in size and also utilized more for riding than any other use.

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