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Work Horse Breeds


altai header


Considered one of the more docile breeds, the Altai is a good choice for farm work or long treks through rough terrain. They are extremely strong and can even withstand very bitter temperatures.

alter-real header Alter-Real

The Alter-Real is a horse for any occasion, being strong and ready to work, laid-back and ready to ride, or hearty and ready for a show. Besides being a triple threat, they're also very smart.
american indian horse header American Indian Horse

The American Indian Horse is best known for their endurance and ability to travel for long distances with ease, making them superb riding and work horses. They are thoughtful and even-tempered.
american quarter horse header American Quarter Horse 

Loving to race and loving to work, the American Quarter Horse is one of the more rugged breeds out there. They usually prefer to be found in packs, but they'll warm up to humans with some time and effort.
anglo arab header Anglo Arab

The Anglo Arab is a breed that can run, jump, and work like the best of them. They are easily trained and remain calm most of the day without any inherent problems. They can endure virtually any surrounding.
appaloosa header Appaloosa

Hardy and sweet, the Appaloosa is a horse of simplicity. Their attitude is calm and reliable, making them great for farm work, riding, and even rodeos. They're best trained when young as they pick up skills easily.
Ardennes header


The Ardennes is an incredibly large and powerful breed, capable of hauling quite a lot. This makes them excellent work horses, though they do well when ridden if you choose to use them that way.

ariegeois header Ariegeois

The Ariegeois breed is a breed that finds endless uses on the farm, though it can easily be used in shows, however rare that may actually occur. They are known to be simple animals to tend to on a daily basis.
australian stock horse header Australian Stock Horse

Thought of as a very smart breed, the Australian Stock Horse gets along well with other animals and horses, as well as children. They are notoriously strong and have an excellent work ethic.
banker header Banker Horse

Great for riding and working, the Banker Horse is a breed that's still considered a wild horse. Despite this, they are patient and make great options for teaching inexperienced riders the basics, such as children.
bashkir curly header Bashkir Curly

Named and known for their unique curly hair, the Bashkir Curly is a breed that's easy to train and great for working conditions in both hot and cold climates. They're also great with beginning riders.
boet header

Boer Pony

The Boer Pony is a tough breed that can ride on and on. They love to work and get along with all ages, making them good for kids.

boulonnais header  Boulonnais

A great drafting horse that comes from France, the Boulonnais is a breed that's easy to get along with. They're well loved due to just how hard they can be worked and how much they want to please their masters.
brabant header


The Brabant is a breed of horse suited for just about any occasion, doing great in shows and competition, as well as harness work, which makes sense considering how large and powerful they appear.

breton header  Breton

A breed of draft horse that's sweet and full of energy, Bretons are eager to work and take orders. They're very easy to take care of as they'll regularly gather their own food and find shelter for themselves when given the space.
budyonny header Budyonny

The Buyonny breed is a great combination of a strong build on an attractive frame. They are great for work, play, and of course riding. While having a strong work ethic, they're also very relaxed and easy to train.
camargue header


The Camargue, once known as "Horses of the Sea," are adored the world over, even being portrayed frequently in movies. They do not require much from their keepers and are fairly self sufficient.



Campolinas are a breed that comes from Brazil where they are utilized for riding and harness work. They are described as being kind at heart and are very simple to train when they are young.

carolina marsh tacky header

Carolina Marsh Tacky

The Carolina Marsh Tacky is a very smart, very thoughful working horse. They make ideal companions for carrying women and children and are ideal for riding practice.

caspian header


Caspians are extremely agile and great for beginners. Like most horses, they're sweet and affectionate, but they also have an immense amount of strength. They are one of the most popular breeds in the world.

chincoteague header Chincoteague

The Chincoteague breed is a staple of beaches and lands on the Eastern coast of the United States. They can easily carry long distances and succeed as work horses, though they're also sweet and calm.
cleveland bay header Cleveland Bay

The Cleveland Bay can be described with just about any word that means "good" and you'd have a fairly accurate description of the breed overall. They're hardy, fast, and are very easy horses to care for.
clydesdale header Clydesdale

One of the most popular and well known horse breeds, the Clydesdale is an enourmous and sturdy creature, built for hauling and pulling. Despite this large size, they are very kindhearted horses and tend to be easy to train.
colonial spanish header Colonial Spanish

Once considered the most popular breed in the world, the Colonial Spanish is a great horse for any situation. However, they can be a challenge to train, though when trained young they become extremely loyal.
connemara header Connemara

The Connemara breed comes from Ireland where it's still popular to this day. They are usually utilized for riding, hunting, and competitions, as well as general work. They have a good temperament and are very giving.
criollo header Criollo

The Criollo breed can be used for riding at any skill level and is know to be eager to learn any and every type of new skill their owners can throw at them. They're also great for the game of polo.
dales header Dales

The Dales breed is one of the largest and strongest horses, making them a great working horse. As you'd expect for a horse to large, they're very kind and are easily trainable.
dartmoor pony header Dartmoor

Dartmoors are described as being wise and playful.  They work great alongside all ages and with other animals, making them great for riding and working alike. They can also withstand riding in any climate.
don header Don

Don horses are used for riding and harness work, for the most part. They can be trained to roam on their own and even fend for food all by themselves, making them a very simply breed to care for.
dutch warmblood header Dutch Warmblood

Dutch Warmbloods are very beloved, so much so that it is illegal to brand them in the Netherlands. They are strong and considerably athletic but have a lot of patience. They are eager to become part of their owner's family.
einsiedler header Einsiedler

The Einseidler is a breed that does it all, though primarily they're seen and utilized as competition horses. They are easy to train and work great as work horses as well.
eriskay header Eriskay 

Not all breeds can be left unattended near children, but the Eriskay breed can. They can withstand any environment and are great for both riding and working. A great choice when you're just atarting out with horses.
exmoor header Exmoor 

The Exmoor is a breed with many practical uses, whether that be racing, riding, working, and even competitions. They are sweet and agile and tend to be rather friendly even after a hard day's work.
fell pony header Fell

Working on the farm is common for any horse, but the Fell breed proves it can handle quite a bit of work despite being smaller. They're comfortable to ride on and are very lively.
finnish universal header Finnish Universal

The Finnish Universal breed was bred to be fast and strong, qualities it has in spades. While used mostly for work purposes and riding needs, they still make for exceptionally great race horses.
fjord header Fjord

The Fjord breed, hailing from Norway, is known for being strong and sweet. Great for riding and harness work, being particularly good around children. They train easily and quickly.
florida cracker header Florida Cracker

The Florida Cracker is great for work and great for riding, but they're unique in that their personality is sweet yet frisky at the same time. Even so, they are so popular because they're one of the strongest workhorses you can raise.
frederiksborg header Frederiksborg

Calm even among the more relaxed horse breeds, the Frederiksborg is a great workhorse and needs very little effort on the owner's part in order to get the absolute most out of a day's work.
friesian header Friesian

The Friesian breed comes from the Netherlands and is considered very hardy and noble. They have a lot of spirit and were used to create the Fell and Dales breeds.
gelderlander header  Gelderlander

Great for work and great in competitions, the Gelderlander is a wonderful breed that is simple to train and raise over time. They're aesthetically pleasing and strong as well, making them a fantastic option.
groningen header  Groningen

The Groningen breed is thought of as being very strong and purposeful as they make great riding horses and work horses alike. Still, they are light at heart and have a laid back attitude, making training rather simple into adulthood.
hackney header  Hackney

The Hackney breed is considered rather elegant and useful, frequently being found as work and riding horses. They can take care of themselves very well and are rather playful.
haflinger header  Haflinger

Haflingers are beautiful and well built. They're great for riding, pack purposes, forestry work, and harness work, plus they're easy to train and work well with children. They're quite vibrant overall.
hanoverian header  Hanoverian

The Hanoverian breed can do it all and look good doing it. They can learn all equestrian skills in no time and best yet have no inherent attitude problems. Some may go so far as to say this is the perfect breed.
holstein header  Holstein

A strong breed that excels at athletics, Holsteins are great at competing as well as working. Those bred for sports purposes tend to be more aggressive and complex, but otherwise they're laid back or even lazy.
icelandic header  Icelandic

The Icelandic horse is a pony that can pull its weight, helping to transport those needing medical assistance or simply helping little ones learn how to ride. Despite being so sweet, they're tough and agile.
Irish Draught header  Irish Draught

Irish Draughts are a type of horse breed that thinks things through, being sensible in their actions and taking to training rather well. They make great riding, work, and competition horses.
jutland header  Jutland

Jutlands are great draft horses, as well as excellent show breeds. They don't require much effort to raise but will give back tenfold with their ability to work endlessly.
karabakh header  Karabakh

While both adept at riding and harness work, the Karabakh is also excellent when it comes to racing as they are very fast. Though they are gentle, they are also exceptionally brave and love having responsibility.
landais header  Landais

The Landais breed is a very common choice for children's riding lessons as they are gentle animals. They're easy to train and quite graceful when fully grown.
lipizzaner header  Lipizzaner

Lipizzaners can be used for all classic styles of equestrian work, including dressage and harness work. They are frequently seen in shows around the world as they are one of the simplest horses to train.
mangalarga marchador header  Mangalarga Marchador

The Mangalarga Marchador is described as fun loving, smart, and well gaited. They are great for riding and harness work alike and get along great with kids, plus they can deal with tough terrain without problems.
morgan header  Morgan

The Morgan breed is used frequently as work and competition horses, plus they have strong riding abilities. They are very willing to please their owners and can easily learn new skills.
mustang header  Mustang

The Mustang is a wild horse, through and through. They can be used for a variety of purposes, but they're still primarily wild and like space to roam. However, they can still be trained with a bit of effort and patience.
new forest header  New Forest

New Forests are considered agile and very tough, making them excellent work, competition, and riding horses. They do well with younger riders when first learning and can adapt to most any climate.
noriker header  Noriker

The Noriker breed are commonly used for harness work, forestry, pack, and riding purposes, making them a very useful horse indeed. They are easy to train and tend to be quiet despite being a larger animal.
north swedish header  North Swedish

Coming from Sweden, as the name suggests, the North Swedish breed is a strong working horse that can take care of itself. They can also deal with the harshest climates in either extreme.
oldenburg header  Oldenburg

Oldenburgs are beautiful and powerful at the same time, making them great for work and play alike. They're strong but easy to train and can be left without much supervision during the day without worry.
orlov trotter header  Orlov Trotter

The Orlov Trotter is a breed suited well for harness work, competitions, and riding. They are calm yet eager and learn rather quickly. They've very smart and can think quickly to avoid danger.
paso fino header  Paso Fino

Paso Finos can do most anything you need them to, particularly sports. They're smaller than some other horses in the same category, and because of that they're a good choice for little kid riders.
percheron header 


Percherons are big, powerful horses that ride well and work hard. Their temperament allows them to be gentle enough for new riders, but stern enough for when it's time to go to war.

peruvian paso header  Peruvian Paso

The Peruvian Paso is a breed that's loyal to their owners and has no trouble getting along with other animals. They are born with natural talent and so succeed easily in all areas.
pindos header  Pindos

The Pindos breed is considered rather agile and surefooted, making it a great choice for long trips over rough terrain. They are used a lot in agriculture and pack duties.
pony of the americas header  Pony of the Americas

As the name would suggest, the Pony of the Americas breed is small but sweet. They're also rather smart and can travel on their own if needed. It's no wonder the breed has a huge following.
pottok header  Pottok

Once utilized primarily in the circus, Pottoks are easy going and sensitive to their riders. They can be trusted to roam freely for miles without trouble and are beloved as riding horses.
quarter horse header  Quarter Horse

Quarter Horses are an excellent all around breed with calm temperaments that make beginning riders love them. They are used frequently in rodeos and horse racing.
racking horse header  Racking Horse

The Racking horse is a very athletic breed and are used frequently in competitions to show off this ability. They do great as performers and are great for riding. But they're not all play as they can do a hard day's work.
rocky mountain horse header  Rocky Mountain Horse

A horse that's bred to take the harshest climates and terrain, the Rocky Moutain Horse is strong and fast. They're used on farms and in races, and mailmen frequently use them as a good form of transportation.
russian heavy draft header  Russian Heavy Draft

One of the great prides from Russia's history, the Russian Heavy Draft is a powerful work horse with a gentle spirit. They're very easy to care for and great for all ages and all types of hard work.
russian trotter header  Russian Trotter

An amazing racing breed, the Russian Trotter can withstand any task without any hint of aggression. They are tough but gentle and can withstand rather cold weather, as their country of origin would suggest.
schwarzwelder kaltbult header  Schwarzwalder Kaltblut

A great breed for riding, harness work, forestry, and agricultural work, the Schwarzwalder Kaltblut is a great breed for beginning riders. They have a unique and exceptionally shiny coat, making them stand out.
selle francais header  Selle Francais

A newer breed, the Selle Francais are race horses through and through. They're full of energy and incredibly quick, helping their popularity rise at a steady pace.
shetland header  Shetland

Shetland ponies are immensely popular and also surprisingly strong, even at their size. They're great for kids and almost always tend to be pure bred due to where they frequently live as the area is secluded and introducing other breeds can be troublesome.
shire header  Shire

Shire horses are very large and very hard workers. They are, however, very easy to care for as they can be left alone for long periods of time without needing your imput, plus they're extremely patient.
sorraia header  Sorraia

Sorraias can work hard and for long periods of time. They're used mostly for harness work and riding purposes and are independent enough to just rely on themselves throughout the day.
suffolk punch header  Suffolk Punch

The Suffolk Punch were popular in England centuries ago because of their usefulness as harness workers and show horses, a sentiment that still prevails today. They are considered sweet, tender, and gentle.
waler header  Waler

The Waler is noted as one of the most loyal breeds of horses that can be trained with ease. They require little attention during the day as they are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves.
welsh header  Welsh Section A and B

The Welsh Section A and B horses are mostly bred in solid colors and are noted for their riding abilties both in the competitive circuit and at home on the farm. They are generally eager to learn and make good work horses.