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boet header

Boer Pony

The Boer Pony is a tough breed that can ride on and on. They love to work and get along with all ages, making them good for kids.

connemara header Connemara

The Connemara breed comes from Ireland where it's still popular to this day. They are usually utilized for riding, hunting, and competitions, as well as general work. They have a good temperament and are very giving.
dartmoor pony header Dartmoor

Dartmoors are described as being wise and playful.  They work great alongside all ages and with other animals, making them great for riding and working alike. They can also withstand riding in any climate.
eriskay header Eriskay 

Not all breeds can be left unattended near children, but the Eriskay breed can. They can withstand any environment and are great for both riding and working. A great choice when you're just atarting out with horses.
exmoor header Exmoor 

The Exmoor is a breed with many practical uses, whether that be racing, riding, working, and even competitions. They are sweet and agile and tend to be rather friendly even after a hard day's work.
falabella header Falabella 

The Falabella breed is one of the best when it comes to little ones as they are incredibly sweet and easy going. Great for riding, competitions, and shows, they work on large farms or as pets in smaller fenced areas.
fell pony header Fell

Working on the farm is common for any horse, but the Fell breed proves it can handle quite a bit of work despite being smaller. They're comfortable to ride on and are very lively.
icelandic header  Icelandic

The Icelandic horse is a pony that can pull its weight, helping to transport those needing medical assistance or simply helping little ones learn how to ride. Despite being so sweet, they're tough and agile.
new forest header  New Forest

New Forests are considered agile and very tough, making them excellent work, competition, and riding horses. They do well with younger riders when first learning and can adapt to most any climate.
pony of the americas header  Pony of the Americas

As the name would suggest, the Pony of the Americas breed is small but sweet. They're also rather smart and can travel on their own if needed. It's no wonder the breed has a huge following.
przewalski's horse header  Przewalski's Horse

A horse with a fiery attitude, the Przewalski's Horse is not for those who do not intend to train them and train them hard. They're ready to fight any animals if they feel inclinded to do so and don't make great riding horses.
shetland header  Shetland

Shetland ponies are immensely popular and also surprisingly strong, even at their size. They're great for kids and almost always tend to be pure bred due to where they frequently live as the area is secluded and introducing other breeds can be troublesome.
welsh header  Welsh Section A and B

The Welsh Section A and B horses are mostly bred in solid colors and are noted for their riding abilties both in the competitive circuit and at home on the farm. They are generally eager to learn and make good work horses.